Hamza Ali Abbasi Said goodbye the showbiz industry


Hamza Ali Abbasi Said goodbye the showbiz industry

Hamza Ali Abbasi Said goodbye to the showbiz industry! Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has announced to leave the showbiz industry and has said that the rest of his life will be in accordance with Islam, but will continue to publish videos on YouTube and social media to spread religious and social messages to the people.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said in his Twitter message that he researched things like God and death over a period of 10 years and now he is sharing with fans.

Hamza Abbasi first thanked the Lord and then the fans in the video and told about his past life and said that I am not leaving the showbiz industry because acting is haraam, I came across this in research. That Islam is just forbidden, forbidding acting in the media and I will spend the rest of my life in accordance with Islam but will keep my fans aware of the Lord and Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “I am not opting for edgy advertising, but in the future you will see my films and plays, Hamza Ali Abbasi also signaled to quit politics in the video and told fans that he would continue to share the videos on his YouTube channel.

It should be remembered that Hamza Abbasi and Neemal Khawar were tied in a bridal Bandhan on August 25, after which actress Nemal Khawar had dismissed the showbiz industry and now Hamza Abbasi has announced this.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Said goodbye the showbiz industry Look this video

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