Haitians Are Seeking For Help After A Week Haiti’s Earthquake


Relief Is Hard To Find


Haitians are clambering for food, asylum, and health care as the ongoing pest, natural disasters, and a presidential assassination take their expense.


Haitians Are Seeking For Help

Haiti is facing sequential natural disasters yea as it struggles to recover from a string of other destructive events, including the 2010 earthquake that killed else than people and nearly wiped out the capital megacity of Port-au-Prince.

The decimation is being felt in Tampa Bay. Jamecia Arestil, born in Haiti but lives in Tampa, has family on the isle, but they’re okay. Her hubby was in Haiti during the earthquake and fortunately is okay as well. They’ve been communicating on and off over once a week. Her man, along with multiple other Haitians, has been on high alert all week.




The death forfeit and injuries from the lag, and yea, the more significant earthquake that rocked this before the fragile Caribbean nation a week ago, continues to rise.


Haitians are now bracing for more challenging times ahead.


Homes have collapsed, roads have disunited in half, and churches have fallen in. The very high storm came just two days after a significant earthquake killed at least people, injured others, and damaged or destroyed some homes.



“He was saying he was in the thoroughfares and either all of an unforeseen, people just started running, they were saying, oh, it’s coming again, “Arestil said.


She says personalty are sluggishly starting to get better in Haiti because of all the relief whiles. There are more than 300 people with US Aid and members of the military helping in remote areas of the islet.


The ruin remains reputed in the municipalities of Jeremie and Les Cayes, located in Haiti’s southern promontory, piles of debris mark where structures once stood. Towers still standing are open to the sky, their roofs ripped off. Cracks line the walls of the battered structures.


Though Grace spared the country a direct supernova, the storm’s unceasing storm prodded spates that created more burden for earthquake victims amidst a slow rollout of aid.

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Before the disasters, legion rural communities had their own born health care workers, conferences, and forces. With their born coffers gone, a company of the sick or injured have sought care in complexes in Jeremie, the capital of Grand’ Anse.


“Those cases shouldn’t need to come down from their homes, risking possible landslides for an injury that could have freely been taken care of by a community healthcare worker,” says Mijoba, country director for the ` Health Foundation.