Google’s tribute to Pakistani poet Parveen Shakir


Google’s tribute to Pakistani poet Parveen Shakir

Google’s tribute to Pakistani poet Parveen Shakir! On the 67th birthday of Parveen Shakir, who perfected the fragrances, dreams, and love of his poetry, Google paid tribute to him via Doodle.

Born in Karachi on November 24, 1954, Parveen Shakir, who opened his eyes in the house of knowledgeable saints. Many famous poems and literature were born in his family which made him aware of the words of many poets in his own home. She received his MA degree in English Literature from Karachi University and was affiliated with the teaching department, but later she took up a government job as well as continuing to attend Radio Pakistan’s various literary programs. She started poetry at a very young age.

She was honored with the first prize of the poem, “Fragrance”. His other poetry collections of self-talk, Sadborg, Denial, Month All and Cuffs Mirror also got a lot of buzzes. Being a unique poet of the Urdu accent, Parveen Shakir gained fame in a very short time. One of the unique honors for Parveen Shakir was that in 1982 when she sat in the Central Superior Services Exam, a question in the Urdu exam was related to his poetry.

The simplicity of the folk song in Praveen Shakir’s poems, while the poems and lyrics are the heart of forgetfulness and sophistication. The intensity of emotion in his poetry does not appear here in his other contemporary poems. He has incorporated the bitter experiences of life into words very beautifully.

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