Google’s ‘Doodle’ and Waheed Murad


Google’s ‘Doodle’ and Waheed Murad

Google’s ‘Doodle’ and Waheed Murad | Fans of Pakistani film industry’s leading actor Waheed Murad celebrate his 81st birthday today. Google also shared a doodle with its fans to pay tribute to the actor on his 81st birthday. Born in Karachi on October 2, 1938, Waheed Murad is also remembered for his ‘Chocolate Hero’ and ‘Lady Keller’ alphabet.

Waheed Murad was the hero as well as the producer and author.
After graduating from SM Arts College, Waheed Murad graduated with an MA in English from Karachi University and started a technical journey from the film ‘Old’ in which he played a supporting role. The film was awarded the ‘Nigar Award’ while the acting of Waheed Murad was also praised.
‘Heera and Pathar’ was Waheed Murad’s first film in which he acted as the lead character and also received the ‘Nigar Award’ for the film.
In 1966, Waheed Murad worked for the first time under the banner of his production ‘Arman’. The film broke all box office records.
Famous songs from this movie include ‘Koorina’, ‘Do Not Go Alone’, ‘Bethab Ho Aadhar Tum’ and ‘Jeevan Aap Thak Tak’. After Dilip Kumar in the subcontinent, he was the second actor to become very famous in the younger generation.

But in the ’70s, he had little choice but to choose his partner. Actress Ziba was banned from working with Waheed Murad after her marriage, and later Shabnam was also married and her husband had also stopped working with Waheed Murad. Meanwhile, actress Nishu was not allowed to work with Waheed Murad. And that is what brought Waheed Murad to the post. Then less popular directors and producers started casting them.
In November 2010, 27 years after the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari was released from the world, Waheed Murad was awarded ‘Satara Imtiaz’. Waheed Murad has worked in 124 films, including 8 Punjabi and one Pashto film. Wahid Murad left the world on November 23, 1983. It is also true that the huge number of fans who are still in Pakistan cannot be attributed to any other hero.

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