Google has solved its problem


Google has solved its problem

Google has solved its problem | California Web Desk If you use the Google Chrome web browser, it is highly likely that you will open 10 to 20 tabs at a time and then the music or video will start playing at the same time. Let’s finally see what music or videos are playing in the tabs and it will take a few minutes to find them. But fortunately, Google has fixed this issue and added a new button in Chrome which makes it possible to play or pause the video without having to open the tab. Yes, this new button is now available in Google Chrome but it is not enabled by default. But this new button is very useful for people who are usually accustomed to opening multiple tabs and then suddenly have trouble pausing the video to find the tab.

This new feature is still undergoing an experimental phase so it may have done something different since it was officially introduced, but still make sure of it. First of all, you need to have Chrome on the desktop. The latest Chrome version 77 will need to be updated, as it has already been updated but click on the 3 dot menu in the upper right of the browser. Place the mouse on the Help option and then select Qualification Google Chrome. There will be a written version of Google Chrome, or it will be written to update, after which the browser will need to be relaunched. Find Chrome: flags in the address bar. The search flags box will open where Google Media Control opens. Click the drop-down box on the right, then click Relaunch. A play button will appear beside the address bar that allows audio to be started or stopped.
To try it out, open any YouTube or play a song or video and then click on the play button, the video will be placed in a box in front of you showing pause, prize and forward options. This way, you can play or pause a video without opening the YouTube tab, but when autoplay opens, they will play it again.

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