Google Earth covers 98 percent of the Earth


Google Earth covers 98 percent of the Earth

Google Earth covers 98 percent of the Earth Google |Earth now covers 98 percent of the Earth’s area. On the Internet, it seems that Google knows everything, but this company is seeing everything in this world or almost everything. In fact, Google has revealed in a blog that Google Earth is now covering more than 98 percent of the world and has accumulated 100 million miles of Street View imagery so far.

When it comes to a million miles, Google says that the distance is as high as 400 times around the world and that Google Earth has over 36 million square miles of satellite imagery available for subscribers. The blog post states these fascinating images can be seen in parts of the world where we may never get a chance to go, as well as help them make Google Maps an accurate model of everyday change in the world available. Most people will know that Street View cars are used by Google for the purpose of installing HD cameras, but the company also supports Street View trackers. Which gathers photos and videos of those locations where access is very difficult.
That is, in areas where vehicles are not accessible, these trackers are used with the help of boats, sheep, camels and other means.

The Post reported that in 2019 alone, Street View images of Google Maps users allowed us to register the addresses of nearly 70 million buildings in Bermuda, Lebanon, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and other places that were not previously part of the data. This is the first time that such detailed information and statistics have been released by Google regarding Google Earth and Maps, though it is an app that is used by more than one billion people every month.

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