Former Indian cricketer, Amit Mushtaq’s past has been tarnished.


New Delhi’s Indian team ( ) is already out of the team due to allegations such as test cricketer and one-day player of the year sniper Amit Mathur Repp, but now a college-age teammate has beaten a college girl. Accused of trying to justify a return. A man named Sabhas Chakra Varty says he is a resident of New Delhi.
And in college, he was a year junior with Amit Mishra. In the case of the girls, the Ummah and his comrades had a bad reputation and they were walking down the street in front of Government Girls College. It was a gang that publicly punished girls and people didn’t say anything to them for their honor and security.

Once I got out of college, the street was crowded. A girl was crying and some people were comforting her. On asking me, a boy told me that when the ummah tried to force the girl into an empty rickshaw at the noise of a baby, the ummah came out of the rickshaw door and sat on a friend’s motorcycle. People tried to get the girl into police but the girl did not do it out of fear because Amit was the son of a powerful and influential father. To be clear, Umrah Mishra continues to represent Delhi Devils in IPL.

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