Footballers discuss the secrets of others


Footballers discuss the secrets of others

Footballers discuss the secrets of others | It’s possible that one’s best friend is defaming him by revealing his secret to others, and his recent example has led to a dispute between the wives of former England national footballers.

Jamie Warde, 32, a former England football team player and wife of 33-year-old Winnie Ron, have fought on social media after revealing their secrets to the media.

The dispute began with Klein Rowan, a 33-year-old wife of player Winnie Row, who made serious accusations over the wife of another footballer in a tweet, according to US broadcaster CNN.
Klein Rowe claims in his tweet that footballer Jamie Ward’s wife, Rebecca Ware, is selling her secret British newspaper ‘The Sun’ for money.

Klein Rowe alleged in her tweet that Rebecca Ware also sold her most secrets and important secrets to ‘The Sun’ and the newspaper continued to publish spicy news on her private life. The footballer’s wife wrote that she was worried about getting into the secret media and couldn’t understand how all of this was happening, because in the Instagram story she was just talking about secrets. Shared only.

Klein Rouen wrote that to solve this problem, he blocked all his Instagram followers in the Instagram story, but he did not block Rebecca Ward.

Klein Rouen tweeted that when he blocked all followers, he started giving false information on Instagram that only Rebecca Ward saw, after which the news was published in The Sun newspaper. According to Klein Rowe, she understood which woman sold all her private and important information and eventually wrote the name of Rebecca Warren in her tweet.

However, soon Rebecca Warren also reacted to her tweet, accusing her of lying and claiming that her Instagram account had been hacked multiple times. According to CNN, when “The Sun” was discovered in connection with footballer news, the newspaper’s administration said that before every news was published, the footballer’s wife had a joint plan. Positioned with

Jamie Warde, 32, and Winnie Rohan, 32, used to play on the England national football team together, but now both play for private football clubs.

While both players were playing on the team, their wives were with them and news and photos of both players’ wives continued to adorn the media.

However, there has been a dispute between the two over the issue of secretly providing information to each other and their husbands have not yet made any statement in the matter.

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