Fish on the ground and capable of breathing


Fish on the ground and capable of breathing

Fish on the ground and capable of breathing | It is generally believed that the fish cannot survive outside the water and die within minutes of landing. But there is one fish that can live on the ground, but the US government wants the fish killed immediately.

The northern snake’s head was caught in Lake Gwent County, Georgia, and it was the first time a fish was seen in the waters of the state.
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resource Division is trying to prevent fish from spreading to Georgia.

According to the institute, these tall and thin fish are dangerous to the underwater organisms or expel them because the species of these fish grow so fast that they absorb nutrients and the ecosystem permanently. What. And change it. It will be complete. Is

This fish is native to East Asia, and in 2002 the US Fish and Wildlife Service added it to the endangered species list.
Owner of sharp teeth, this fish can breathe air, and its lungs resemble lungs that help rotate on small parts of the earth, causing it to flow from one pond to another. Goes.
The fish can survive out of the water for up to 4 days. It should be humid in the environment while in drought it can survive for a long time.
And of course, these fish are eaten only for food, but they can also be prey to small animals such as mice.

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