Factors that weaken bones


Factors that weaken bones

Factors that weaken bones |Bone weakness or osteoporosis is called a silent disease that is almost impossible to realize. Bone density decreases and becomes vulnerable during this disease. One in every two women and one out of every four men suffer from it and the risk of bone fracture increases. Unfortunately, some of the lifestyle habits and habits lead to the weakening of the bones, which are as follows.

Too much salt The more salt you eat, the more calcium will be released from the body, which will increase the chances of bone loss. Foods such as cheese, chips and fast food have high salt content. It is not necessary to remove salt completely from the diet as it is also essential for health, but consuming more than 2300 mg of salt daily can be harmful.
Too much seating
Nowadays, people spend most of their time watching television in front of their favorite programs, but when it becomes a habit and slows down, it has negative effects on the bones. Exercising daily strengthens bones, it is better for the structure to handle the body and legs, forcing bones and muscles to work against gravity.
Too much bicycling or biking
By the way, cycling makes the heart and lungs strong but not bones, because it is not a weight lifting activity and spending too much time sitting on a bicycle or motorcycle does not strengthen bones.
Stay away from sunlight
You want to get more out of the ceiling under the open sky, because the body produces vitamin D from sunlight, walking in the sun for a while daily is beneficial for bone health because vitamin D is very important for it. Yes, but it should be avoided by moving too much into the sun. Vitamin D is also present in eggs, milk, juices, and fortified cereals, while vitamin D supplementation may also be used by the doctor’s advice.
Overuse of sweet drinks
Excessive use of soft drinks can harm bones, further research is needed, but some research reports have found the relationship between caffeine and phosphorus and bone weakness found in these drinks. Other experts say that when people give sweet drinks instead of milk or calcium drinks, bones are damaged. Drinking too much coffee or tea can also cause calcium loss in bones.

When smoking is a habit, it is difficult for the body to make new bone tissue, the longer you smoke, the worse the effect will be. In addicts, smoking is more likely to break bones and take longer to recover, but leaving this habit can reduce the risk and improve bone health, but it may take several years. can.

Some medicines, especially if used on a long-term basis, have adverse effects on bones.
Lose bodyweight
Low body weight increases the probability of fracture and loss of bone density, such people need to do weight-bearing exercises while consuming more calcium in the diet. Consult a doctor if you do not know the cause of your body weight loss.