Facebook Messenger now requires a Facebook account


Facebook Messenger now requires a Facebook account

Facebook Messenger now requires a Facebook account! If your phone does not have Facebook and you only want to use Messenger, then a Facebook account is required.

However, before that, only one phone number could have access to Messenger. Facebook, the largest social media website, has now announced that the Messenger app will also require a Facebook account or profile information.

The reason for this is that Facebook also wants full identification of people coming to Messenger, and for that reason, the Messenger app has been linked to the Facebook account itself. Facebook also wants access to your social networking profile. According to analysts, Facebook has taken this step to attracting more people to the social media account.

Previously, only a phone number was required to sign up for Messenger. Many websites have already predicted the new initiative by Facebook. Facebook, on the other hand, has positioned its Messenger account on Facebook, saying that it wants to connect Messenger to Instagram and WhatsApp, and that’s why the change has been made. In this way, this important step has been taken to secure the messages.

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