Facebook has taken serious steps to tackle misinformation about vaccines in Pakistan


Facebook is working to provide authentic information on the topic, reducing its distribution to prevent misinformation about vaccines on its platform.

According to the Facebook statement, the ranking of groups and pages that spread false information about vaccinations in the news feed and search will be reduced. These groups and pages will not be included in the reservations and pre-deductions.

Facebook is also working to spread anecdotal information about vaccines when people encounter inaccurate information on the subject. The social media platform will also remove access to collect donations on pages that contain incorrect vaccine information. Vaccine-related rumors have been publicly confirmed by global organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If the rumors about the vaccine come to Facebook, it will be prosecuted by Facebook. For example, if a group or page posts inaccurate information about the admin vaccine, Facebook will separate the entire group or page from the redemptions, reducing the distribution of these groups and pages in the news feed and search. And will reject the ad with incorrect information.

According to the Facebook statement, we also believe that background information is also provided to people and when they see it on Facebook, they can decide what they want to read, share or share this information with. To participate in the conversation. We look for new ways for vaccine experts to provide people with accurate information on the results of their queries, topics discussed on the pages, and invitations to join topic groups. And we’ll tell you about it soon.

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