Facebook has once again become a security risk for Internet users


New York (INP) – The most used social media website in the world, Facebook has once again become a security risk for Internet users and the mobile phone numbers of 41 million people linked to the website have been leaked. According to a website called Tech Crunch, 13 million 30 million users of phone number leakage are from the United States, 10 million from the UK and more than 50 million from Vietnam. According to the report, the affected data was taken offline after the problem was identified.

The leaked data is exactly what Facebook collected through a tool and was deleted a year ago due to the Cambridge Analytica company’s collapse, with Facebook collecting personal data of 8.7 million people. ? Mike Schorr, chief technology officer for Facebook, says a blog written in April 2019 revealed that Facebook users can find anyone via phone number. It is important that the elements also find their personal data by searching for people using phone numbers and email using this feature.

“We believe that this feature will contain the personal data of a large number of users who use Facebook, so now we are turning off this feature,” said a Facebook spokesperson. Old data that was leaked a year before the feature change, this data has been saved and we have no evidence that any compromise has been made regarding the data of Facebook users. A Web spokeswoman says investigations into data leaks have also begun.

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