Eyewear has a role to play in a more sustainable future 


  Eyewear has a role to play in a more sustainable future

When it’s time to get new glasses, London retailer Cuoco Eyewear offers a suggestion for its clients: why not transform the glasses into sunglasses? That’s the idea behind the idea that Co-founder Tess Alshibaya calls giving eyewear “another life.”
From small-scale projects like this to more radical revisions to materials like such as Kering Eyewear, a sector that has been slow take on the sustainable agenda is beginning to show signs of renewal.
Consumers are the ones who can drive the movement towards sustainable options, according to Alshibaya, who is the founder of Cuoco Eyewear. “Companies will only change if consumers change,” she states. “As consumers, you are the ones with the ability to change. Who do you choose to give funds to? What do they have in mind? If everyone follows suit, then companies will have to adapt.”

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