Electronic Cigarette Dead


Electronic Cigarette Dead?

Electronic Cigarette Dead? Electronic Cigarette Lives Another case has surfaced in the United States. According to Reuters news agency, a 17-year-old teenager in the US state of Michigan faces the dangers of vaping. According to Detroit hospital officials, a Michigan-based teenager has had to undergo a lung transplant twice because of the use of electronic cigarettes. It has been reported in the United States in recent times that many cases related to electronic cigarettes have come in which many patients are at serious risk due to the use of vaping. US President Donald Trump has announced he will work with representatives of the vaping industry to develop new electronic cigarette laws. The new Weeping Patient, whose name is not being disclosed, says his family has requested doctors to inform the public about the serious side effects of vaping. In a very short time, our lives have changed,” a family member said in his statement. A family member has reached a lung transplant from a healthy 16-year-old to a young 16-year-old. And now he has to fight a long battle to get healthy again. On Thursday, the US agency, the Center for Disease Control, released a report stating that 2051 lung injury cases have been reported from electronic cigarettes so far and 39 deaths have been reported due to vaping. ? According to the center, a sample of 29 patients who were sick with vaping found that vitamin E chemicals were found in them. According to the Center, this is a great discovery to treat these cases. According to doctors, on September 5, a teenager from Michigan was admitted to St. John’s Hospital in Detroit on a complaint of pneumonia; but within a week his condition worsened. The young man was brought to the Henry Ford Center on October 3, and doctors say he is being treated satisfactorily, though it will take a long time to recover.