Electricity in Denmark depends on air


Electricity in Denmark depends on air

Electricity in Denmark depends on air |Thirty-seven percent of the electricity needs in Denmark were received from the air last year. Denmark’s grid operator, EnergyNet, said Thursday that 41 percent of its domestic needs were met in 2018, while wind power generation in 2000 met 43 percent of the country’s needs.

Germany’s great success in the field of renewable energy: the potential ‘green revolution’ futuristic countries are at the forefront of achieving electricity from the world, but Denmark also has a leading role in Europe in this field. Ireland’s nearest rival in this sector in Ireland, but according to data from the industrial group Wind Europe, it managed to achieve only 28 percent of its total electricity needs in 2018 by the wind.

According to this industrial group, 14% of the total electricity demand in the European Union was received last year from the air. A large part of the power generation in Denmark was started by energy company Watanfall in Horns River III in the North of the Sea.

Received from. According to the Danish company Energy Net, the power supply from plant grids has been increased from 14 percent to eighteen percent across the country, while drought-hit plants managed to generate 29 percent of the domestic requirement last year.

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