Dwayne Johnson’s Fan Leaves In tears after receiving the Star’s Custom-Made Custom-Made Truck


Dwayne Johnson’s Fan Leaves In tears after receiving the Star’s Custom-Made Custom-Made Truck

Dwayne 49, a famous actor, invited his supporters to screen Red Notice in Los Angeles. He arranged many complimentary gifts for guests, and one fan, Oscar Rodriguez, was presented with the actor’s private vehicle.


The Rock initially intended to donate the Porsche Taycan that he uses in his upcoming Netflix film but after Porsche “said that no,” The Rock chose to present one of himself’s motors Oscar instead. Oscar instead.


Dwayne posted on his Instagram: “Today was a great day.


Merry Christmas, @coach_Orod. Enjoy your new vehicle.


I invited the fans to a special screening in the theater of RED NOTICE. I wanted to do something fun for them all.


Free concessions at @projectrock, atteremana, @zoaenergy, and @saltandstraw Ice cream.

All for free and a great time at the cinema!


I also wanted to do something massive… Something massive…

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A moment that will be remembered by a single person who is a.


My initial idea was to donate to the Porsche Taycan that I drive in the film Red Notice.


We contacted Porsche, and they replied they would not.


But I said yes


I’ll do one better.


I’ll donate my custom-built truck to give away as a present.


“My baby (sic)”


Dwayne acknowledged that Oscar’s story affected him the most since the veteran is known to dedicate a large portion of his time helping others, such as taking care of his mom, who is now 75, and offering support and meals to women who are victims of domestic violence.


The actor also said: “I gathered as much information as I could on all the people in the audience, and the story of Oscar’s performance was awe-inspiring to me.


He takes care of his mother of 75 years.


Personal trainer.


The pastor of his church.


Support and meals are provided to women who have been victims of domestic violence.


Proud & humbled Navy veteran.


A kind and compassionate human being.


Oscar did it right before the car left. Its love.


This is all there is, Brother.


I love you.


Enjoy your new vehicle, Dude, and have a wonderful Christmas season with your family and friends” (sic).”


Take a look! The Rock pulls an Oprah for an Oscar here: