Do you know which proteins are harmful?


Do you know which proteins are harmful?

Protein plays an important role in improving our health, it is imperative to include it in the diet but excessive protein intake is harmful.

According to a medical study in the United States, people who consume too much animal protein in their diet have a 23 percent higher risk of death than those who consume low-protein diets.

According to recent research published in the American General of Clinical Nutrition, the average person needs 100 grams of protein a day, while those who consume 200 grams of protein a day increase their death effects by 23 percent. The study evaluated the health of people who had high protein intake in their diet.

In addition, research says that a high intake of meat-derived protein in the diet is of great concern to people with diabetes and heart disease.

Medical experts say protein-rich foods like milk, fish, yogurt, eggs, and meat are beneficial if used in a balanced way, but if used sparingly, they can harm health.

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