Distance from milk causes bone diseases


Distance from milk causes bone diseases

Diet is becoming increasingly fashionable nowadays, resulting in the elimination of milk, commodities, refined sugar and gluten from food and this is the reason why the use of milk-based products is nowadays. Doing no is causing bone diseases in young people. This warning has emerged in a UK medical study.

National Osteoporosis Society research found that four out of every ten people in the age group of eighteen to 24 years have turned away from essential nutrients such as milk. In fact, it was reported that calcium is important for bones and milk or its Consumers have a high intake of nutrients that protect the bones. Researchers say that taking care of diet is very important in childhood because poor diet and nutritional deficiencies can be very heavy in the third decade of age. And the chance of strengthening the bones goes out of hand. According to the study, the number of people suffering from fractures today is increasing due to poor diet consumption from childhood and they face complications in the future. According to the research, the distance from these nutrients can have a detrimental effect on bone growth on a long-term basis.

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