Dior’s Birthday Presents Are Presented to Suzy


Dior’s Birthday Presents Are Presented to Suzy, And BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Draws Interest


Dior’s Birthday Presents


The world-renowned fashion house Christian Dior’s birthday presents for its brand Ambassadors Suzy and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo received a lot of attention online.

On October 10, Suzy turned her birthday, and she’s been presented with numerous impressive gifts from her followers and the brands with whom she’s working. Dior was among the brands that sent her exquisite birthday presents, which Suzy thanked her fans via her Instagram.

Internet users then looked back at Dior’s birthday present for Jisoo in January since Jisoo is also the Dior ambassador. Suzy is Dior’s Korea ambassador, and Jisoo is the worldwide ambassador of Dior. French brand.

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