Dietary habits lead to life-threatening diseases such as cancer.


Cancer is no longer a curable disease, but its treatment is extremely painful, with no drug at any stage. ( )
Many symptoms of cancer occur at different stages of the disease.
An estimated 81 million new cancer cases are reported worldwide in 2018, with an estimated 96 million deaths.
The rise in mortality is due to population growth and old age, the health of the nations of developing countries and the dangerous traditional mortgages of those connected to the macroeconomics.
But did you know that there are some dietary habits that can make you cancerous?

Yes indeed, some of which are as follows.

Avoid bad and bad eating.
Avoid foods that look and smell bad, as they may contain a toxic ingredient that may increase the risk of cancer from entering the body.

Use moderately processed red meat.
According to research by the Karolinska Institute, maximum fatalities increase the risk of cardiovascular death by up to 24%. According to this study, as a result of this habit, the risk of diabetes is up to 32% while the risk of developing a disease like cancer is up to 8%. The study also revealed that eating a regular sugary diet increases the risk of bladder and colon cancer by 19 and 17 percent, respectively, while breast cancer increases the risk by 11 percent. Baking can occur at very high temperatures, leading to the preparation of chemical heterocyclic amines, which increases the risk of various diseases in humans.

Heating food in plastic utensils.

Heating food in plastic utensils increases cancer-causing ingredients, while also avoiding other diseases such as cancer, infertility, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, a medical study says. The risk increases, only in hot dishes that are safe for the microwave.
More salt also died.

If you like high salt intake in your diet, be aware that this habit can lead to a variety of cancers, especially the risk of developing gastric cancer. Just 12 grams of salt twice a day increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Eating Barbie cue also increases the risk of cancer.
Various medical investigations have shown that sugar or barbecue can cause cancer, which burns chemical wood, gas or coal, increasing the risk of skin, liver, and gastric cancer. ?

Denying junk food.

Eating fast food such as burgers, pizza and other trans fats, rich in sugar, spices and various chemicals, damages the body’s cells, which in turn increases the risk of various diseases like cancer.

Eliminate sweet drinks from life.
Various medical studies have suggested that sweet drinks or soft drinks increase the risk of colon cancer. Not only are these sugars high in sugar, but they are also rich in chemicals. It also helps with diabetes and many ailments.

Alcohol also causes cancer.

Alcohol consumption is the second leading cause of cancer worldwide, even once a day is sufficient to increase the risk of mouth, esophageal, liver, intestinal and breast cancer.

Trans fat

Trans fat is a solid form of fluid that enhances the taste and duration of the meal. They are found in many dishes including margarine, cereals, coffee, bakery products, biscuits, chips, and fried foods. However, overuse of them can increase the risk of obesity, but in addition, it can cause cancer.

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