Dialysis process by the artificial kidney


The process of dialysis through artificial kidneys has been successfully tested by scientists

The process of dialysis through artificial kidneys has been successfully tested by scientists|Dialysis during kidney disease is more painful for the patient, but it seems likely to get rid of it in the future. Scientists say that the kidney failure from automated wearable artificial kidney  Will is able to effectively remove toxic material from the blood of patients. Scientists are testing for artificial kidney device Cadillacs to get rid of many hours of therapy and the use of larger machines.  This technology contains toxic material to dialysis fluid It may be possible to refresh after extraction. Singapore General Hospital conducted its first human trial on 15 patients, of which the device was dialyzed more than 100 times, even after one month of treatment.  While I did not see any serious side effects, this method also proved to be effective in removing blood poisonous material.  It can revolutionize the process of dialysis because it will facilitate and facilitate the treatment of patients.  The reuse of dialysis fluid with this technology will help save resources while also reducing medical waste. The results of this study were presented during a conference in Washington.  It helps to control the blood pressure by emitting toxic substances inside, creating a healthy balance of hormones and hormones. If the kidneys are unable to perform their functions, toxic substances are accumulated in the blood and water in the lungs, resulting in life.  Turns out, it is currently considered an effective treatment transplant, but the number of donors is lower than in patients.  This is the only option aside from the fact that dialysis can be very painful.