Detection of heart diseases with eyes possible, new research


Detection of heart diseases with eyes possible, new research

Detection of heart diseases with eyes possible, new research! The eyes are also known as the window of the spirit, but now experts have agreed that the eyes, and especially their retina, can reveal cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. In this regard, 55,000 elderly and middle-aged people in the UK were reviewed and a database of 5 million arteries was also read from the British Biobank.

This research was conducted by Alicia Radnica and her colleagues at St George’s University in London. In this way, it can be called a major study of the world in terms of human eyes and heart diseases. Its first revelation is that the fine blood vessels at the back of the eyes indicate the hardening of the arteries of the heart, thus the human retina can manifest from blood pressure to heart diseases.

The study also considered the American Heart Association’s recommendations. Participants were also considered for smoking, age, exercise trends, dietary habits, and blood pressure. Scientists have also developed automated imaging and prediction of blood vessels in the retina of the eye for their research. The program also notes the thickness and thickness of the blood vessels. It was found that the veins in the veins of the retina were showing increased pressure in the cardiovascular arteries, higher blood pressure and increased pulse pressure (pulse pressure).

Secondly, it has also been revealed that a significant relationship between retinal vein narrowing and cardiac artery thickness and increased pressure has also been discovered. Although this change does not affect the eyesight, they can predict heart diseases.

Experts are hopeful that just by looking at the eyes, the condition of heart diseases in a person can be noted many years in advance, thus it can be a very unique way to prevent and cure heart disease.

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