Walking for a few days is harmful to health


Walking for a few days is harmful to health

Walking for a few days is harmful to health | Walking for a few days is harmful to health. How long does it take for a healthy person to become healthy? This may be lower than you expect. Just 2 weeks plenty of sitting can be enough to physically weaken a fit person. A joint study by the University of Liverpool and Newcastle revealed that reducing physical activity for up to 2 weeks, such as walking up to 10,000 steps a day, could affect heart and lung health, boosting the waist and abdomen. Is. It can increase physical and liver fat storage and increase insulin resistance.
Simply put, 2 weeks’ rest can increase the risk of diabetes type two and blood vessel diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

But the good news is that the damage can be done once the body is stimulated. Researchers say it is important that when people return to their normal physical activity, the adverse effects on health will reverse.
For this research, researchers recruited 28 healthy and physically active individuals, including 18 women and had an average age of 32 years.
All of these individuals were quite active in their daily lives and were generally accustomed to walking 10,000 steps daily, but researchers instructed them to reduce their physical activity to some extent and to reduce it to 100 minutes daily.

The results showed that sitting for 2 weeks resulted in a 4% reduction in blood levels of the veins, a third of an inch in waist-length, increased liver fat by 0.2%. 0.5% and increase insulin resistance and blood levels also increase fat levels.

But 14 days after normal physical activity was restored, all of these negative effects reversed, and researchers say even a slight increase in physical activity could be positive for health.
These results are even more surprising because they observed the physiological changes of young and healthy individuals, and according to researchers the risk level of these diseases can be estimated in people who are not healthy.

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