Covid-19 Situation: A Covid Case Gets Nationwide Lockdown In New Zealand


New Zealand Enters Level 4


New Zealand has announced a higher lev lockdown after a person tested positive for Covid, the primary case, in six months.

Covid-19 Case In New Zealand

The case was detected in Auckland, which can be in lockdown every week, while the remainder of the country will be in lockdown for 3 days.


Authorities say they’re performing on the idea that the new case is the Delta variant.


Just about 20% of its population has been fully vaccinated.


Coromandel, a coastal town where the infected person had visited, will be in lockdown for seven days too.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the most challenging “level 4” rules were required – closing schools, offices, and every business with only essential services remaining operational.

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New Zealand enters level 4 nationwide, particularly in Auckland, where most of the cases are.

“I want to assure New Zealand that we’ve planned for this eventuality. Going hard and early has worked for us before,” she said.


The patient may be a 58-year-old man, who is believed to possess been infectious since last Thursday.


There is a minimum of 23 potential sites of transmission. There was reportedly a rush at supermarkets in Auckland, as locals anticipated a snap lockdown.

Officials said there was a requirement for a solid response due to the fear of the Delta variant, and since there was no clear link between the new case and, therefore, the border or quarantine facilities.


Data released by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health on Monday showed that each of Covid-19 cases detected at the country’s border had been Delta in recent weeks.


“We have seen what can happen elsewhere if we fail to urge on top of it. We only get one chance,” Ms. Ardern said during a televised national address, calling the Delta strain “a game-changer.”


New Zealand has been prosperous in eliminating the virus from within its borders, although its international borders remain closed mainly.


However, its vaccination program has unrolled slowly, with only around 20% of individuals fully vaccinated and 33% of individuals having received one dose, consistent with Our World in Data.