Chinese try to rap saying Chinese girls are pretty good


Chinese try to rap saying ‘Chinese girls are pretty good

Chinese try to rap saying ‘Chinese girls are pretty good|Harvey Weinstein, 69, the notorious Hollywood producer of ‘To Two Companies’ in the world, has once again accused new women. More and more women have been charged against Harvey Winston. The holiday begins at a time when stories of sexual harassment are over in two years. Harvey Winston was accused of sexually harassing and raping 22 years for 5 years, simultaneously by 22 women. Other women later sued Harvey Weinstein. So far more than 100 women have been accused of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, blackmail, and rap. Harvey Winston is being prosecuted in various US courts and charged with two counts of sex crimes. Crime has also been imposed. She is currently out on bail and a trial for her sentence will begin in January next year. The ‘To-Me’ campaign was launched in the world only after the Harvey Winston incident. Two years after the campaign ended, more women came out against Harvey Winston and made serious allegations against the film’s producer. The new women who have been making accusations against TON include her ex-partner, Chinese-born British woman Reina Chow, who wrote a detailed column in the American newspaper The New York Times and wrote a book against the film’s producer. ? Serious charges were made. Earlier in the column, Chinese woman Reina Chu claimed that she had attempted suicide at least 2 times after being raped and harassed by Harvey Winston. It was claimed that Harvey Winston tried to ‘rap’ him 21 years ago. According to the woman, she belonged to a middle-class family and needed a better job in the UK and a better job in Hollywood. He said that after a long effort he got an ‘assistant’ job at Harvey Weinstein’s company, on which his female friend warned that the film producer did not own a good reputation. According to Ravenna Chow, she worked cautiously with Harvey Weinstein after being alerted by a friend and thought everything was going well in the days to come, but later she had horrible experiences. According to a British-born British woman, Harvey Winston told her she liked “Chinese girls” while trying to ‘rap’ them. According to Ravenna Chow, she told Harvey Winston that she was neither a Chinese girl nor her. Famous lady and film actress. Khatun said that one day during the Venice Film Festival, Harvey Winston asked him to massage his half-naked in a hotel room, according to a Chinese-born British woman, Harvey Winston threw off his clothes and he gave them Pushed them to bed and ordered them to massage and said they would both bathe together later. Rowena Chow alleged that Harvey Winston had said he would only do this once and that was only a matter of minutes. According to a Chinese woman, she feared that Harvey Weinstein would accompany her in a costume and that she would fly away, but in the meantime, she had a chance to escape and she survived the ‘rap’. Roena Chow said she also attempted suicide twice after the incident and the whole incident. She told her female friend who encouraged her and they both decided to sue Harvey Winston, but they were advised that the film producers were too powerful and rich, to sue her. Would be meaningless. ? Talking about Harvey Winston’s influence, his status in the industry, his fears of his name among the people, he spoke openly about his family and professional life. Rowena Chu also said that because Harvey Winston was the strongest, he could not do anything against them for 21 years, and two years ago, in front of many women, he was silent. But they will no longer be silent. This is the first time Harvey Winston’s former aide has appeared to the media and has spoken openly with him about the incident. Winston’s lawyers dismissed the allegations and called their statements a drama. Harvey Winston’s lawyers claim that the woman had a six-month physical relationship with the film producer under mutual consent. Rejecting the allegations of other women, they claimed that they had intercourse with women. Build relationships with Zaidi.