Check your cholesterol level by the age of 25

Check your cholesterol level by the age of 25

Check your cholesterol level by the age of 25|Medical experts say people should check their cholesterol levels in the ’20s of fat. It is possible that they may find themselves at risk of serious heart disease and stroke.

The study, published in the journal The Lancet, is comprehensive research coming out decades later that looks at the health effects of cholesterol on a long-term basis. He says that first people try to reduce their cholesterol through diet changes and medication, which is good.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is present in certain types of food and is also made in our lives. We need it to produce hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. In addition, it is helpful in making vitamin D and other compounds. There are two types. High-density lipoprotein or HDL is called good cholesterol. It is needed to keep our bodies healthy. Low-density lipoprotein LDL is called hazardous cholesterol because it clings to the veins. Experts analyzed data from nearly four million people in 19 countries.

They found a strong correlation between elevated healthy cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease during the forty or more years after puberty. Depending on their gender, hazardous cholesterol levels, age and other risks, such as smoking, diabetes, height and weight, and hypertension, the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke may be high.

Are the ones who worked on this research. He is from the University Heart Center in the German city of Hamburg. He says that at the current clinical risk assessment, whether a person should be treated to reduce lipid, it is only estimated that the heart. The disease can last for ten years and many physicians, especially young people, look only for its lifelong effects.

In Britain, more than 8 million people take cholesterol-lowering medicines, which in their blood The level of hazardous cholesterol present decreases. It is also estimated that one in 50 people who take the drug will have a heart attack or stroke for five years. S is saved. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can also lower cholesterol.

I say that young people are aware of their cholesterol level and take decisions as a result and may include cholesterol-lowering drugs,” Professor Blankenberg told the BBC. The danger, he says, is that after observing his lifestyle, people will rely on ‘statin’, a cholesterol-lowering drug, and though they can usually tolerate it very well. Investigations have not seen the potential effects of its use for decades. Medical research at the Brits Heart Foundation, Professor Nilesh Samani, says, ‘This large-scale research has once again shown the effects of heart attack and stroke on cholesterol.

The importance of risk has been emphasized. It also shows that some people take precautionary measures in the early stages to lower their cholesterol, for example, statins through which they can carry forward life-threatening diseases. There is considerable benefit in reducing the risk.