Canadian Prime Minister elected again


Canadian Prime Minister elected again

Canadian Prime Minister elected again | Justin Trudeau elected Canadian Prime Minister for the second term. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been able to regain power after a second consecutive victory in the recent election, but he has lost the majority despite the best results. According to information received by foreign news agencies, the party has the best chance of forming the government after winning the majority of seats in Justice Trudeau’s Liberal Party’s parliamentary seat.
However, after losing a majority, they now have to rely on one opposition party in parliament to approve any legislation. Recent elections in Canada saw strong competition, and according to the results obtained Tuesday morning, the Liberal Party managed to win 157 seats, while 170 seats were needed to win a majority in the 338-seat House.
The political science professor expressed surprise at the election results, saying, These results are a huge achievement for Justice Trudeau because he faced controversy because of some photos of the past before the election. General Chat Lounge.

Referring to the aforementioned success, Justin Trudeau said, “Canada rejected tonight’s negatives and negatives, rejected deductions and sanctions, chose to work on progressive agendas and climate change.”
However, on the other hand, his rival Andrew Sher said, “Justin Trudeau’s position has been weaker than the 2015 election, and today the Conservative Party has sent a notice to Justin Trudeau that Justin Trudeau is the protector of your government. Ready, and successful.
The 47-year-old Canadian Prime Minister had the full backing of former US President Barack Obama in the final moments of the election campaign, which he believes is one of the last progressive leaders in the world’s largest democratic republic.
Prior to the election, political observers were predicting the power of another Canadian prime minister, but at the same time, his election campaign was influenced by corruption at a major construction company, as well as by the image of his blackface. They were being criticized over the matter. Remember that Justin Trudeau belongs to the Liberal Party and is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Given that Canada’s population is 2.74 million, the turnout in the current election was 65 percent, which is the best choice so far.
Women have won a record 97 seats in recent elections, including Judy Wilson, Canada’s first local attorney general.

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