Can you tell what is missing in this photo


Can you tell what is missing in this photo?

Can you tell what is missing in this photo|Prominent social activist, singer, and educationist Shahzad Rai shared a photo on social media and asked what was missing in the photo. Renowned singer, social worker, and educator, Shahzad Rai raised a unique question in front of his fans on social media. With a black background, Shahzad Rai shared a picture on Twitter with a monogram, in black and white, in which Shahzad wrote: “Tell them what the picture lacks Mr. Shahzad Rai was just asking that people stop responding. Someone responded well without a family dress, but Prince Roy was waiting for the real answer. The reaction of the people to this photo was prolonged when suddenly a blogger wrote to the prince saying that his finger was half on which Prince Rai congratulated him and said, “Yes, you are right.