Britney Spears is on ‘Cloud Nine” after First Weekend of Freedom

Britney Spears Teases details about her first project



Britney Spears is on ‘Cloud Nine” after First Weekend of Freedom


Britney Spears is ready to appear in a new film. The singer teased her fans with an Instagram post. Britney shared a post in which she also took a dig at her family and confirmed that she had “shot for a movie called The Idol.” This is her first project since she was terminated from her conservatorship.


The pop star celebrated her first weekend free from her 13-year conservatorship just days later. She took to Instagram to share the joy with her fans.


Spears shared a picture on her Instagram Monday afternoon that said, “What an incredible weekend.” “I felt like I was floating on cloud nine the entire time. “I actually had my first glass champagne last night at the most beautiful restaurant that I have ever seen.”


The 40-year-old singer announced that she would celebrate her freedom and her birthday over the next few months. In a new Instagram post, she thanks Mathew Rosengart, her attorney.


Spears thanked her fans and wrote, “What an amazing sight to see so many people celebrating with me… I love my supporters so much…so thanks.”


In her caption, the singer used a rose emoji. Spears’ fans know that any mentions of roses imagery refer to “project Rose” — something the star has been mysteriously teasing, leaving her followers curious and trying to decipher the meaning.



Britney posted the name of her new project, The Idol. Fans have wondered if this is the HBO project with which The Weekend has been linked. Britney did not mention it was a movie. However, it is reported that The Weeknd will appear in a series with Anne Heche and Troye Sivan.

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Britney shared her thoughts on the film by writing, “I just shot “THE IDOL”… It’s guaranteed it will have hits and lots of bright pics to put in the faces of my beautiful family ! I hope you guys are enjoying a good time !!!! You can find me with this cat if I’m quiet.”

The conservatorship of Spears was officially ended by an LA court on November 13, 2021, after being in place for 13 years. According to reports, the singer was busy planning her wedding with Sam Asghari after the conservatorship was ended. After mentioning that Versace had been working on her wedding dress in an Instagram post, the pop icon hinted that she might be making some wedding arrangements.


Spears wrote that she was celebrating her freedom and her B-day for the next two weeks. She used a lot of exclamation marks to show her excitement. “It’s been 13 years since I was born…I feel like I’ve waited too long. Mathew Rosengart, my lawyer, has made a massive difference in my life. He truly changed my life.


Spears’ conservatorship ended on November 12, when a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that the singer’s long-running legal arrangement was no more necessary.


Judge Brenda Penny stated that “the court finds and determines” that Britney Jean Spears’ conservatorship and Estate is no longer necessary.

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