Bitter gourd: The unique and flavor is also unique


Bitter gourd: The unique and flavor is also unique

Bitter gourd: The unique and flavor is also unique! The color of this famous common salad is green, ‘yellowish’ in shape and has a striped outer surface. Inside it are oval flattened seeds with a bitter taste that is warm and dry. Salt is produced by peeling off the outer skin and removing the hard seeds from the middle. If they are only roasted and not mixed with water when preparing the salads, then their taste is very delicious and hearty. For delicate work of combustion, extract the hard seeds from the crawlers, boil the meat and add it to the salt, add salt and pepper to it and enjoy eating it.

Bitter gourd is not only delicious salad but also a useful diet that has a very good effect on the human body. Being bitter, the crystals are ‘digestive and purulent blood’ and their food dissolves in the stomach. It also strengthens the digestive tract, such as the stomach and intestines. The water of Bitter gourd is very effective in treating diseases. In particular, the germ of the cholera, which is a universal disease, develops in the intestines, and feeding the Kriel with one teaspoon to two teaspoons eliminates these germs. It is also very beneficial for falling water in the stomach.

Diseases of the liver and jaundice are two diseases in which the water of the Kerala’s as medicine and the diet as the diet is very ineffective. Kerala’s water is very useful and effective in all jaundice conditions as well as jaundice. In the evenings, watering the Karela in the morning and afternoon and two in the morning, feeding the spoon and using it year after year in the diet, is very quick. If the liver causes pancreatic insulin or mental impairment, or glucose uptake is affected or the blood glucose concentration is high, then Karela’s water and dry krill saffron are very useful medicines and diets.

Karela’s water and dry krill saffron are very useful medicines and diets.

Karela is a home remedy for diabetes. Recent medical research has revealed that it contains a substance similar to insulin. It’s called plant insulin. This substance reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and urine. This is why physicians recommend using diabetics regularly as a diet for diabetics. In order to get the best results, diabetics should drink four to five times Karela’s water daily in the morning. It is also better to incorporate curry seeds into the diet. Sugar patients will be healed if they boil the krill and boil them with water or use them as saffron.

The roots of the Karela plant have been used since ancient times to treat respiratory diseases. Mixing a teaspoon of root juice with the same amount of honey or basil leaves and drinking it daily for a month gives a good remedy for asthma, bronchitis, colds, sore throat and nasal lining.

Necessary precautions

Karela Warm temperaments are harmful and harmful to individuals. Particularly in those who have a low number of rectal tract. It is often proven to be harmful in fever as it is often used for years. Proper ghee ‘green coriander and yogurt mixes to improve it.

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