Biden Defends US Troops’ Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Biden Defends US Troops’ Withdrawal from Afghanistan, as Taliban Celebrate Their Freedom

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden defended his withdrawal from Afghanistan as America’s “best decision.” This was just a day after the US military withdrawal celebrated by the Taliban in a significant victory.


Biden Defends US

Biden Defends US Troops' Withdrawal from Afghanistan

This is the right decision. A wise decision. It was the best decision America has made,” Biden stated in a speech to the nation in Washington. He had adhered to an August 31 deadline for ending two decades of bloodshed that started and ended with hardline Islamists at power.


Fearing retribution, thousands of Afghans have worked over the years with the US-backed government.


Discussions are ongoing about who will run Kabul Airport, which Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, warned is of “existential significance” as an aid lifeline.


Many Afghans fear repeating the 1996-2001 Taliban rule, which was notorious for its brutal justice system and treatment of women.


He stated no apparent purpose to an open-ended mission for Afghanistan a day after the final withdrawal. This is the right decision. A wise decision. It was a wise decision. After the United Nations warned that there was a “humanitarian disaster” in Afghanistan, Biden highlighted the challenges facing the victorious Taliban as they transition from an insurgent group into governing power. The President stated that the United States had two options in Afghanistan: withdraw or escalate the conflict. “That was the choice. It was either leaving or escalating. He stated that he would not prolong this war forever and that he was not planning on extending an exit permanently. Biden noted that he accepted responsibility for the decision not to stay in Afghanistan and that he believed that it was impossible to do so.


To answer all those who asked why things had changed. After “my predecessor’s deal with the Taliban,” he said that “everything had improved.” He said that those who want a “third decade” of war should look at the “vital national interests.” He said that it is in the national interests to ensure that Afghanistan is not used to attack the US again. He said that the US achieved what it had set out to do a decade ago after the September 11 attacks.


He stated that this was a new world and threats from al Shabab, al-Qaeda affiliates, and the Islamic State group. He said that he does not believe America’s safety and security are increased by spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan and deploying thousands of soldiers. The President stated that the US strategy must change and doesn’t require troops on the ground to combat terror.


His priority is to protect and defend America, not from the threats of 2001 but 2021. He said that. The war in Afghanistan has ended. “We delivered justice to Bin Laden over a decade ago. He said that Al-Qaeda had been decimated.

Afghanistan’s Current Updates After United States Of America Leaves



“Congratulations, Afghanistan… This victory belongs to all,” Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson, told reporters hours later. On the runway, Mujahid stated that the victory was a “lesson to other invaders.” Thousands of supporters celebrated the victory in Kandahar, Kandahar’s spiritual birthplace and second-largest city.


Biden warned the Islamic State-Khorasan group that killed 13 US soldiers in a suicide attack at Kabul’s airport. They face further retribution from Washington. He said, “We aren’t done with you yet.”


He stated that the US would continue to support Afghans via diplomacy, aid, and assistance. He said that America would continue to support Afghans through diplomacy and aid. The President’s critics have attacked him for how he handled the withdrawal. Biden stated that the “extraordinary success” of the airlift was “unprecedented in history.”


After the United Nations warned about a “humanitarian disaster” in Afghanistan, he spoke out to highlight the formidable challenges facing the victorious Taliban as they transition from an insurgent group into a governing power.


Biden stated that America had only two options in Afghanistan: “Leaving or Escalating.”


The President’s critics have attacked him for not handling the withdrawal. But he said that the frenetic airlift, which saw the United States, its allies, and more than 120,000 Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime, was an “extraordinary achievement.”



He stated that “No nation has ever done something like it in history; only the United States was able and willing to do it.”


The Taliban saw the airlift as a success, a sign of their remarkable comeback and defeat by a global superpower.


In jubilation at the departure of the last US aircraft, Taliban fighters opened fire in Kabul early Tuesday morning. They later flew into the capital’s large airport.




He admitted that the Afghan military had collapsed quicker than expected before the August 31 deadline. He said that he had instructed his national security team to be prepared for any eventuality. “We were prepared when the Afghan security forces… didn’t hold on as long or as anyone expected,” he said. He also stated that the US has the “leverage” necessary to ensure the Taliban fulfill their promises.


Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, tried to explain to reporters the meaning of Biden’s statement that the US has leverage over the Taliban. She said, “We have tremendous leverage over them, including access to the global market.” She said that this is not a small amount of leverage.


Mujahid stated that the victory of the Taliban was a lesson for all other invaders.


Kandahar was the spiritual birthplace and second-largest city in the country. Thousands of supporters celebrated the victory on the streets.


– “Darkest hour”


All eyes will now be on how the Taliban manage their first few days as sole authorities over the country. With a keen focus on whether or not they will allow anyone to leave, even foreigners, all eyes will be on them.


The US stated that less than 200 of its citizens are still in the country. Britain claimed that only a few hundred UK citizens were living in the country.

Mujahid has maintained that the group promised to be more accommodating than their first tenure in power. However, UN chief Antonio Guterres made a harsh assessment of their difficulties in building their new regime.


He expressed concern over the country’s “grave humanitarian and economic crisis” and warned that services would be “completely destroyed.”

He appealed to the international community to provide financial assistance for the country currently ravaged by war and dependent upon foreign aid.

Guterres stated in a statement that he urged all members to help Afghanistan’s people in their most desperate hour of need.