BET Apologizes to Usher, Citing “Audio Malfunction” for Muted Speech Portions



When Usher received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent BET Awards, it was supposed to be a momentous occasion. However, an unexpected audio malfunction led to significant portions of his heartfelt speech being muted. BET has since issued an apology, attributing the issue to an unintentional technical glitch.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious honor, recognizing artists with exceptional contributions to the music industry. Usher, with his three-decade-long career, has undeniably earned this accolade. His influence spans generations, with hits that have defined eras of R&B and pop music.

The Incident at BET Awards

During the ceremony, as Usher delivered his 13-minute speech, viewers noticed that several parts were muted. This unexpected interruption marred what was intended to be a seamless and celebratory moment for the artist.

BET’s Apology

BET quickly responded to the incident with a formal apology. A spokesperson explained, “Due to an audio malfunction during the live telecast, portions of Usher’s speech were inadvertently muted. We extend our sincere apologies to Usher and his fans.”

Usher’s Uninterrupted Speech

For those who missed the full impact of Usher’s words, BET ensured that his complete, uninterrupted speech was made available across their platforms. They also aired an encore presentation, giving fans another opportunity to witness the significant moment.

The Ceremony at the Peacock Theater

Held at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, the event was a star-studded affair. Usher’s honor was one of the evening’s highlights, marked by performances and tributes from various artists.

Tributes to Usher

A diverse group of young talents paid homage to Usher by performing some of his biggest hits. Notable performers included Teyana Taylor, Keke Palmer, Childish Gambino, Chloe, Coco Jones, Tinashe, Summer Walker, Latto, and Marsha Ambrosius. These tributes underscored Usher’s lasting impact on the music industry.

Usher’s Unscripted Speech

Usher’s speech was notably unscripted, adding to its authenticity. He spoke passionately, touching on personal topics and expressing his gratitude. This raw delivery resonated deeply with the audience.

Notable Mentions in Usher’s Speech

Throughout his speech, Usher acknowledged the pivotal figures in his career, including Babyface, L.A. Reid, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Jermaine Dupri. He also reflected on his father’s missteps, adding a layer of personal depth to his message.

Usher’s Message on Forgiveness

A standout theme in Usher’s speech was the importance of forgiveness. He urged the audience to forgive those who have wronged them, sharing his own experience of forgiving a father who was never present. “We gotta be willing to forgive,” he emphasized, receiving a heartfelt response from the crowd.

Audience Reaction

The audience was visibly moved by Usher’s words, showing their support through cheers and applause. Social media also buzzed with reactions, as fans and celebrities alike praised Usher’s vulnerability and the significance of his message.

Technical Issues and Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts are fraught with potential technical issues, and the BET Awards were no exception. BET’s swift response and transparency in addressing the audio malfunction were crucial in managing the fallout from the incident.

Impact on Usher’s Legacy

Despite the technical hiccup, Usher’s legacy remains untarnished. If anything, the incident highlighted his professionalism and the genuine connection he has with his audience. Public perception of Usher continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

Future Precautions by BET

To prevent similar issues in the future, BET is likely to implement more robust technical checks and backups. The goal is to ensure that live events run smoothly and that such significant moments are not compromised.


The audio malfunction at the BET Awards was an unfortunate incident, but BET’s prompt apology and efforts to make Usher’s full speech available mitigated much of the impact. Usher’s heartfelt and unscripted speech remains a powerful testament to his influence and character, further cementing his place in music history.


What was the audio malfunction at the BET Awards? An audio malfunction during the live telecast led to significant portions of Usher’s speech being inadvertently muted.

How did BET apologize to Usher? BET issued a formal apology, explaining the technical glitch and expressing their sincere apologies to Usher and his fans.

Where can I watch Usher’s full speech? Usher’s full, uninterrupted speech is available across BET platforms and was also aired during an encore presentation.

Who performed in tribute to Usher at the BET Awards? Performers included Teyana Taylor, Keke Palmer, Childish Gambino, Chloe, Coco Jones, Tinashe, Summer Walker, Latto, and Marsha Ambrosius.

What was Usher’s main message in his speech? Usher emphasized the importance of forgiveness, sharing his personal experience of forgiving his absent father and encouraging others to do the same.