Bangladesh 16 people sentenced to death


Bangladesh 16 people sentenced to death

Bangladesh 16 people sentenced to death | Bangladesh- A Death toll of 16 students burnt to death in the madrassa. Bangladesh court sentenced 19-year-old girl Nusrat Jahan to life imprisonment and 16 killers in April this year.
According to an AFP report, French prosecutor Hafiz Ahmed told reporters after the court verdict that the verdict proves that no one can survive after the murder in Bangladesh, we have a rule of law.
However, prosecutors say they will file an appeal against the High Court verdict.

It should be noted that the murder case of Nusrat Jahan has been resolved very quickly and the hearing has been completed in just 62 days.
It is to be remembered that Nusrat, a 19-year-old student of Songzai Islamia Faisal, a seminary in Fnagi district of Chittagong, was allegedly sprayed with kerosene on April 6 and set on fire. Nusrat Jahan accused Rapid Action of Madrasah Principal Siraj-up-Dula, but the victim was under pressure to withdraw the case. When the victim refused to withdraw the case, he was tied up and sprayed with kerosene and set on fire.
Nusrat Jahan, whose body burned to 80%, died April 5 after being hospitalized.
After the student’s assassination, there has been a nationwide protest in Bangladesh and voices are rising against the escalating incidents of sexual harassment. The most important place in Bangladesh, Dhaka stayed for several days and demanded that the killers be identified. However Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid promised to take action against all those involved in the assassination of Nusrat Jahan.
Late in March this year, Nusrat went to the police station to file a sexual harassment report, and a video surfaced showing a local police chief had lodged a student complaint that he had “complained about.” Have to do. ” No big deal. He was rejected by saying that.

After Nusrat Jahan’s murder, police said that one of the 18 suspects was arrested and claimed to have ordered a murder on the school principal.
Senior police superintendent Mohammad Iqbal, who is investigating the case, said: teachers asked Nusrat to quit the case and if he refused, they were pressured to kill him. Nusrat, who was arrested, was among the classmates who tied a scarf and set it on fire, he said.
The senior police superintendent had said that ‘Nusrat Jahan’s murder was intended to commit suicide but the students succeeded in reaching the Asians because Scarf’s hands were cut off.

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