Athlete to finish marathon race in less than 2 hours


Athlete to finish marathon race in less than 2 hours

Athlete to finish marathon race in less than 2 hours | Do you know how many miles a marathon race is called? If not, know that the distance is 26 miles. And when the race is over at the end of the race, it usually lasts four and a half to four and a half hours, because on average, a player’s running speed is one and a half miles away. Departs in 10 and a half minutes. But for the first time in the history of a marathon race, a player set a new record in less than 2 hours. Kennedy-based Allied Capuchs won 59.25 minutes in a 26.2-mile marathon race in the Austrian city of Vienna on Saturday, October 12th. Speaking to the media after winning the race, he said: I love it, Roger Bannister has done this for 63 years from 1953 to now, and I’ve done it in 65 years. Other people will have it.

There is no limit to human beings. During this race his speed was steady and the average distance traveled per kilometer was 2 minutes 52 seconds.

But at the same time, Vienna’s track proved to be a good fit for this record as it was only 2.4 meters from the steep climb. The 34-year-old athlete also helped set the record with a team of 41 and a vehicle that provided laser beams on the road. They were also provided with bike drinks and energy prisons every 1 mile, and considering all of this it is believed that their time was not recognized by government records by IAF rules. Was will go. No confirmation. By the way, this official record was already his name which he set in the 2018 Berlin Marathon 2 hours a minute 39 seconds away.

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