Apple Introduces iPhone 11, What’s New and What’s Different? video


Apple Introduces iPhone 11, What’s New and What’s Different? video

Apple Company, the main electronic and author of cell phones, has propelled its most recent iPhone 11. The phone has been launched at a time when Apple has recently been facing intense competition from its smartphone rivals which has also affected its sales.

The iPhone 11 is not much different from its previous model, but it does introduce a number of new things. For example, it has three cameras installed so that more live images can be taken. However, this feature is no longer new because Samsung and Chinese company Huawei are selling three-camera smartphones these days.

One important thing, however, is the price of the iPhone 11, which is lower than the previous model iPhone 10. The new smartphone is being offered for $ 699. Apple expects lower prices to attract more consumers than other smartphones and may overtake others as it did in the past.

With the new phone, Apple is offering its new video service TV Plus free for one year, which can be continued for just $ 5 a month after the end of the year. This price is much lower than other video streaming companies.

The iPhone 11 has a new power microprocessor A13 installed. Its battery lasts about an hour longer than the iPhone 10. The iPhone 11 is being offered in five beautiful colors in three models, namely, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These phones are available for 64, 128 and 256 GB storage. However, extra storage costs more.

Price in Pakistan!


Price in Pakistan


Exp. Price in Pakistan*

Price in USD


Rs. 149,999

699 $

Apple iPhone 11

Rs. 194,999

999 $

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Rs. 214,999

1099 $

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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