An easy way to fill face pits and wrinkles


An easy way to fill face pits and wrinkles

An easy way to fill face pits and wrinkles! Fat grafting is a natural method for filling face pits and wrinkles, which is used without to cut, remove, stretch, and irritate the skin factors. Fat grafting is gaining popularity in more and more patients, and this is easy because on average most people have a lot of body fat that is used in fat grafting. And since in this field There is a lot of growth going on, so if you make up your mind about fat grafting, do a thorough research on your physician as many therapists may be unaware of the advanced techniques and procedures.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a process that involves taking a certain of fat collect from one area of ??the body and drop to where it is needed. It can also be inserted the edges of your lips, to your nostrils, to the area under the eyes, to the cheeks, and to other parts of your body. With the help of acne scars and aging, it is possible to treat and resolve skin problems.

Fat taken from your own body is great for the process of fat grafting. Because it is soft and pure, it does not cause problems for the body’s immune system. This fat is obtained from the part that includes the abdomen, and liposuction can also be adopted to achieve this fat. The success of fat grafting depends on a number of factors, including where did the fat come from? How was it treated? How was Fat injected? The amount of fat that was injected and most importantly the question of how your body responded to the fat after injection is included.

Which people have fat grafting possible?

A person fit for fat grafting is someone who is healthy, not suffering from any disease and has not been suffering from any disease in the past and who is aware that after fat grafting, sometimes No results. Fat grafting helps you look young, but it does not change your life in the meantime. This idea is not realistic if you think fat grafting will bring about another change in your life. Before getting fat grafting, you should have a detailed discussion with your physician so that they can better understand what you want. Talk to them about the goals achieved after fat grafting so that you both get to the point can be a realist.

If your wounds heal late, it’s best not to undergo fat grafting.

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