A Unique jacket that absorbs sunlight


Unique jacket that absorbs sunlight

A Unique jacket that absorbs sunlight|This unique jacket was awarded Best Time in 2018 by Time Magazine. It acts like a plant, meaning it absorbs sunlight and accumulates energy.
Solar charge jacket is very comfortable, lightweight and rain-free. Now at night you can type anything by lighting the phone or charging it and those words are staring at the jacket for hours. That way, police officers or government officials who can ease traffic can also use it.
The most important thing about a solar jacket is that the darker it gets, the brighter it gets. Previously, the need to dye clothes at night to absorb daylight and energy was limited to the laboratory, and their utility in the outdoor environment was gone. But this jacket is made for the real world. It is so soft and soft that it can go into the fist. It is sweaty but the rain water cannot run. The upper part of the jacket has a special type of layer that contains a mixture of phosphorus-based light. When it is illuminated, the jacket absorbs it and slowly expels it at night. The jacket thus gathers light like living plants. The longer the jacket absorbs the light, the longer the light goes out. This jacket is becoming increasingly popular and can be used for many important things. The jacket costs $ 445.