A great way to save lives from a sudden heart attack


A great way to save lives from a sudden heart attack

Islamabad’s renowned oncologist Dil Azhar Mehmood Kayani described an excellent and easy prescription for preventing nausea disorders, saying that to prevent sudden heart attacks, a handicap should always be kept with four pills – aspirin, four pills. Angi-sud and Depth anti-inflammatory skin (Patch) are present. The renowned heart surgeon advised all people that if someone starts to feel pain in the middle of the chest and pain on either side of the left or neck. He may have sweat, yellow color, difficulty breathing, feeling as if someone is sitting on his chest and feeling severe anxiety inside of him will be a sign of a heart attack, the patient should be swallowed by an aspirin pill and place a pelvic anti-sid on the left side of the tongue, the Deponid NT Benefit Scan (Patch) on the left side of the chest, the total cost of this kit is only fifty to fifty bucks.

This procedure will prevent the person from going to death and an immediate heart attack till the Expert Doctor goes to the hospital. Keep pockets or lids in your handbag, thus protecting you from being stricken with a heart attack.

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