A grade for the Japanese ninja


A grade for the Japanese ninja

A grade for the Japanese ninja | A grade for the ‘Japanese ninja’ on writing articles with no visible light
The Japanese girl who read the historical ninja was given the whole number when she applied the cover paper to the professor when her professor discovered that he had written his article in invisible light.
Student Amy Haga performed this feat through a ninja technique called ‘abordashi’, in which she washed peas for several hours and then played ink.

However, when his professor warmed the paper with the stove, words began to appear.
an animated TV show in childhood. Ninja was a secret man and murderer in medieval Japan.

After enrolling at My Japan University, Haga began teaching the history of the ninja in the first year and was asked to write an essay in the Ninja Museum of Azeri.

Haga soaked the peas overnight and then rubbed them in a cloth.
After these steps, he mixed the peas in water and then spent two hours maintaining a certain amount of it, and then wiped it on thin paper with a fine brush.

When his writing dried up, he stopped appearing. Fearing that his professors would not waste his essay, he wrote in a simple light on the paper: ‘Warm up this paper.’
Professor Yuji Yamada told the BBC that he was surprised to see this article.
He said, ‘I had seen the reports in the secret code before, but this was the first time I saw it through haram.

“Honestly, I was skeptical that these words might not sound right, but when I heated the paper on the stove in my house, the words started to look very clean and I thought it was a good thing.”

He said, ‘I did not hesitate to give this article the whole number. Even though I didn’t heat the whole paper, the media knew about it and wanted to take a picture. Regarding the article, Haga says it had more style and less content.

He said, ‘I am sure the professor will accept my efforts.
“So I wasn’t afraid to take bad numbers in the article, though the content in it was nothing special.”

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