4 Tips for the skin that are better not to try


Tips for the skin that are better not to try

Often the use of creams starts to hurt rather than benefit. The best solution is to avoid using such nasty creams. (1). Mayonnaise for dry skin is a good thing for your sandwich but not for applying it to your face. The fat and oil contained in the mayo will reduce the dryness of the face but will also cause bacteria on the skin. Which will cause acne or open issues. (2). Eggs for Skin Tightening It is true that eggs contain protein that makes the skin elastic. Spas around the world also use egg whites in their treatment. It also makes the skin shiny. But be careful when using it yourself. Egg whites also contain a bacterial salmonella, which can cause severe neonatal food poisoning because it can damage the gut if it enters the body like this. (3). The burning of butter on the grill can be very severe. Most people recommend putting butter on the burn. But experts say this break is not true. Butter reduces irritation from time to time, but there is a risk of infection. Instead, pour cold water into the burning area. This prevents damage to the tissues. Keep the space as clean and dry as possible. (4). Some young girls apply toothpaste on nail acne which causes them to shrink. Not so, but the oxide and baking soda contained in the toothpaste damages the skin. This reduces the inflammation of the teeth over time, but later it produces irritation, which results in the marks on the face.

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