32 glass bridges closed in China


32 glass bridges closed in China

32 glass bridges closed in China | China-32 glass bridges closed due to security concerns. By population China, the world’s largest country also boasts the largest number of glass bridges in the world. In China where glass bridges are higher than the rest of the world, China is also the largest and tallest bridge in the world.

Many cities and provinces of China, including the Chinese province of Hebei and Hunan, are also considered as the city of glass bridges, where glass bridges are constructed not only on houses and buildings but also on the oceans and mountains.

Where there are glasses of love from Chinese authorities and the public these towers attract tourists and people from all over the world travel to China to see the bridge. However, the bad news for tourism enthusiasts and those looking for glass bridges is that Chinese authorities have closed all-glass bridges in Hebei province due to security concerns.

British newspaper The Guardian told Chinese media in its report that after the accident and the death of at least 3 people, all-glass bridges were closed in Hebei province. According to the report, during the past few weeks, unpleasant incidents have occurred on glass bridges and at least 3 people were killed and 6 were injured in the collision, after which the authorities closed all the bridges. Hebei Province has 32 glass bridges, including the tallest glass tower in the world. The 488-meter global bridge over the city of Zhangjiania in the same province was also closed due to security concerns.
The glass bridges are believed to have been opened after the security measures were completed and officials will work to make the glasses used in the bridges more human-friendly.

It is important to note that in China there are about 23,300 glass bridges many of which are connected to the top of the mountains, while many bridges have been built on the oceans and rivers. Glass bridges over rivers and oceans blend into cities and not only do people walk on these bridges but they also carry heavy traffic.