117 kg weight loss woman in 3 years


117 kg weight loss woman in 3 years

117 kg weight loss woman in 3 years |No one likes to increase body weight, and when a woman weighed more than 190kg, she decided to cut it naturally instead of surgery. Catherine Shanklin, a native of the US state of Oklahoma, weighed more than 190 kilograms, and daily life was badly affected, Gulf News reported. As a result of excessive weight gain, she was diagnosed with several medical problems such as immune system disorders, hypertension, and diabetes, and doctors warned her that obesity was a threat to her life. Medical experts advised her to lose weight through surgery, but the woman decided to lose weight naturally instead of surgery and lost 117kg in 3 years, but then encountered a strange problem.
In fact, after losing body weight, the skins were hung high and now they are waiting to be removed by operation.

This extra skin weighs more than 9kg, causing various problems. According to the woman, It took me a full 3 years to lose bodyweight, I am still amazed at my old image, is it really? I am glad I stepped in the right direction and achieved this success without surgery.
She said that she first considered diet as her ‘second soul’, but it also proved to be the solution to obesity.

He added I was depressed, some food was gone, I was hungry, so was the solution. Food became my emotional connection and I knew I had to avoid it because it was an addiction. It was like drugs or something else, after weighing 190kg, I always needed an extra seat belt when traveling on a plane. It was difficult for me to do normal work such as shoes, he said.
Once, going to the doctor proved to be a life-changing moment when he realized that not only should he lose weight but he must do so.
I was told repeatedly by doctors that I would lose weight after surgery, but I decided that I would do it myself, he said. He wrote down the reasons for weight loss and put this pamphlet at home. He then offered salads and vegetables in place of pizza and fast food that he had never seen before and learned to control the amount of food while avoiding processed foods.
They opted for exercise and a healthy diet and started going to the gym, starting with a walk and gradually moving to jog. In this way, she managed to dramatically reduce body weight in 3 years but now hanging skins have become a problem for her. In the beginning, I didn’t think losing weight would cause the skin to hang, but now every time it seems like gravity is pulling me down, it affects mental health, said Catherine. The skin removal surgery will be done next summer but will have to go through the painful process of removing the veins in the leg.

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