1 million people protest in Chile


1 million people protest in Chile

1 million people protest in Chile | More than 1 million people protest in Chile. After more than a million people protested against government action in Chile, President Sabitin Panera announced the dismissal of the cabinet, taking important steps.
According to a foreign news agency Reuters report, Chilean president Sabitin Panera announced the dismissal of the cabinet after peaceful protests by millions of people yesterday. Be made.
Over a million protests in Chile over anti-government protests.
The notice has been sent to all the ministers for the restoration of the cabinet so that new demands will be met, the Chilean president said.
South America is protesting against the government’s inequality system, with rising rent rates a week. Violent incidents were also witnessed during the protests, which killed at least 17 people, arrested more than 7000 people and damaged the country more than $ 14 million.
The Chilean president imposed an emergency across the country earlier this week and deployed troops for security in key cities.
17 killed in a clash between protesters and police.
Criticizing the protesters, he said the country is currently in a war against the brutal. Things got worse after the president’s words, and the majority of citizens said that the president’s words and actions had pushed the country toward the era of dictator Augustus Pinochet’s military rule.
Later, the president told reporters that he would be in an emergency by Sunday evening as crime and robbery began in his guise.

Sebastien Panera demanded this week to set a new agenda that would increase wages and pensions, reduce public transport fares and correct the country’s poor health system. The Chilean army, on the other hand, said in its statement that the situation in the city is normal, thanks to all citizens for cooperation and the military curfew will be removed soon.

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